Life on the Water: Alternative Housing in the Bay Area

Oakland, CA — With the Bay Area housing crisis at its peak, people are making compromises when it comes to certain comforts that most take for granted. From living with roommates to living in rooms without real doors or walls to living inside a box, renters have been forced to get creative with their living situations to make ends meet.

Nick Butterfield, a chef from Chicago, moved to Oakland in spring of 2014. He started dating Kelsey Smith, a baker, soon after. Smith’s then roommate found a feral pit bull that had little chance of ever being adopted at a shelter. Butterfield fell in love with the dog immediately and decided to adopt him and name him Bogart.

With Bogart, Butterfield’s housing options dwindled. He spent three and a half months searching for a room or an apartment that he could afford that allowed pets. He finally decided he needed to think outside the box and started looking to buy a boat.

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